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In 2015, Trinidad came from Chile with over six years of fashion and editorial experience and wanted to do something else. Something that could put to use her Marketing Degree and her natural attraction and success with everything digital.

She worked as a Social Media manager in two NYC-based PR firms and after two years of experience decided to do her own thing. Soon after Chok Chok Social was born. In her Williamsburg kitchen, and with her good friend Carolina Malis started doing cold outreach to different potential clients. What did all these potential clients have in common? They were all brands that inspired the Chok Chok Team.

We started with K-Beauty clients (a massive trend at the moment) and continued with foodie, lifestyle, and fashion brands.

Chok Chok Social has always been thoughtful and resourceful

Aside from flexible and creative minds. We care about our clients and we mind their business. At the same time, and due to knowing the social industry before it became a business, we also know how to work and relate to content creators, and we always always always try to bring scenarios where everyone is happy: the client, the audience, and the influencers.

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